In the 16th Century, the Portuguese were in Mazagan, a port known by the Europeans since the beginning of the Christian age, they were building a fortified town encircled by massive walls of hewn stone….

Two centuries later, Mazagan was liberated and renamed El Jadida ‘The New One’, today it is a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At the heart of the ancient town, L’Iglesia is a Spanish church dating from the 19th century, which has been lovingly converted into an extraordinary boutique hotel.

Sleep in one of the suite of the convent redecorated in the 30’s style, have a breakfast with an ocean view, chill out in the salon of the former nave of the church, have lunch next to the ramparts, have diner in the former salon of the consulate… Historic site, atypical and cosy atmosphere, L’Iglesia represents the modern way of travelling.

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